The Return

Pirates of the (Insert Name Here) Sea
AJ was supposed to name it, don't blame me

Once upon a time, there was a group of pirates who never wrote anything down. As a result, our chronicler took it upon himself to try and keep track of their nonsensical adventurers. The chronicler apologizes if he overlooks anything the pirates might think is important, but his memory of their adventures has grown rather fuzzy with time.

So. The meeting of the pirates, their acquisition of the swift ship Avarice, and their being employed by the mighty Remeran Navy are matters for another story. Our adventures begin with one of their earlier assignments, raiding Sobrin shipping for gold and glory. They were successful in bringing down two ships from Sobrin, filling their hold with rum, food and some items of small value, and taking only limited injuries, despite pitched cannon battles. By this point it had already become obvious that appointing a chronic drunk as the lookout was a foolish decision, but the pirates have stuck by it nonetheless, adding an ever-growing menagerie of animal assistants in a vain effort to counteract the problem.

Returning to Remera, and already bored of such menial work as slaughtering innocent sailors and stealing their possessions, our … pirates decided to ask their paymaster, Admiral Bruin, for other work. He pointed them in the direction of the missing man’o’war, the Ethereal, information on which would bring a high reward. The gallant crew of the Avarice promptly set out to save the missing sailors, completely unconcerned with the money involved. Encountering an abandoned elven warship along the way, they acquired a large red direwolf (which they dubbed Clifford, for reasons unclear) after a near-death experience on the part of their captain. They continued on into elven territory proper, where the discovered the Ethereal, docked but unharmed, on a small forest island.

It was here that the pirates first encountered their doom. They pursued the Ethereal’s missing captain and his new-found elven friend to a mound in the center of the woods, and after some testing discovered a path into the mound. Here, they wandered through a strange void dotted with spheres of light, until they came to the library of the great dragon Malsydros, who explained where they were, though not how they might leave. They eventually found their way to the hall of the Fae King, who allowed them to exit into a strange, forested land. Here they met the other lords of the fae, and made bargains with them – bargains that will yet have unexpected consequences, particularly those struck with the malevolent Lord of the Dragonlights.

Bursting with newfound power, the pirates returned home after seeing to the Ethereal’s safety, and received their reward for recovering the man’o’war. Whilst the captain searched for information on his own personal quest, his crew went looking for trouble, and found it, dealing a blow to some local cultists, and rejoining with the captain to go rescue the daughter of a wealthy nobleman – for which they received little reward, owing to poor maneuvering on their part.

The gallant (if foolish) captain, meanwhile, had discovered a lead to other sleeping non-humans, and organized an expedition to Mount Olympus in hopes that he might finally find his answer.


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