Gods Of The Western Bay

The Gods worshiped on the western side of the great bay are an eclectic lot; Chara, Remera, and even Sobrin hold to the worship of their old gods, the distant rulers of Mount Olympus, who they maintain safeguarded them after the fall. Mikash alone has different idols, strange deities, mighty animal-headed lords, who the earliest priests and mages of Mikash wrote of encountering in the ruins. Rumors persist of other gods and powers, especially the gods of Elves and of the fallen Veshadiin, but these are the gods most commonly worshiped now:

The Greater Olympians:
Zeus, lord of the sky, of thunder and lightning, and of order and justice, king of the gods, and patron deity of the city of Chara.
Hera, goddess of marriage and childbirth, queen of the gods and well known for her vengeful temper.
Poseidon, god of the ocean, earthquakes, storms and of horses, a fickle god, and the patron deity of Remera
Demeter, goddess of agriculture, fertility and the harvest, a motherly figure and the patron goddess of Sobrin
Apollo, god of art, oracles, plague, medicine, sun and light, a well-respected deity throughout the western bay

The Lesser Olympians:
Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy, craft and skill
Ares, god of war
Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty and pleasure
Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the forest and the moon
Dionysus, god of festivals, revelry and wine
Hephaestus, god of the the forge and of craftsmen
Hermes, god of messengers, money and trade

The Strangers (Or so the gods of Mikash are called):
Horus: God of sky, war, leadership, and protection; The closest thing to a patron god Mikash has, as his name is the only divine name ever mentioned in the state ceremonies of the arcane republic.
Isis: Goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood.
Ptah: God of craft and of craftsmen, and of invention
Ra: God of the sun
Sekhmet: Goddess of destruction
Set: God of storms and the desert
Shu: The embodiment of wind and air

A host of lesser deities and spirits attends the Olympians, and strange creatures lurk in the recorded myths of Chara and Remera. Perhaps more importantly, scrolls and tablets from desert ruins speak of other deities, and the general consensus is that many more of the strangers sleep beneath the sand.

Gods Of The Western Bay

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