Kingdom of Sobrin

The Kingdom of Sobrin lies between Remera and Chara, and while it has stood since not long after the Fall of the Veshadiin, the kingdom is dying. The King, Orlin IV, has no heir, and while he is young his health is very poor. The nation has been decaying for nearly three centuries as royal power has slowly waned and more distant earls and barons have become increasingly aggressive and independent. Meanwhile, the king himself must carefully watch Remera, where armies ‘maneuver’ along the borders, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The kingdom’s greatest wealth is in iron, timber and stone; its armies are never short of weapons and armor, and both wooden forts and stone castles are abundant. Between these fortifications weave bands and regiments of soldiers wearing the colors of one noble or another; these days the grey-and-green of the king is rarely seen more than a hundred miles from his palace in Hallock. The peasants of the kingdom are all but slaves; they are tied to the land, bought and sold with it, and the only way to escape is to join the local lord’s service as a soldier.

A long-standing monarchy, the kingdom is ruled by King Orlin, whose power is unlimited- within range of his army. Outside the capitol and a few loyal nobleman, power belongs to whoever owns the land, and that ownership is often contested in bloody battles. Most of the western kingdom belongs to Baron Halcyr, who watches his neighbors and waits. The Barons Choyar and Kulgan are the strongest of the lords on the Remeran border, while Sulinar and Jueth hold the entire southern border with Chara; both command many castles and forts, but their armies are somewhat stretched. The central lands, having no pressing need for unity, are a bloody battleground for dozens of lesser lords, while the east still belongs to the king and those loyal to him.

In better days, the nobility of the kingdom would come to the palace every few years to meet and speak of the law with the king, but no noble in the west has come in more than a century, and few attend from the north and south when Orlin calls them. Even when they did meet, though, they rarely saw fit to change their established rules; all that changed was the ownership of certain areas, the rise and fall of titles and the beginning and ending of feuds.

The military is a somewhat haphazard affair, as each lord is required to raise a certain levy of soldiers to serve the king when ordered, but the quality of these soldiers varies widely. Even the mightiest lords command large numbers of poorly trained and equipped peasants as combat fodder, with their elite troops marching behind, and the number of private armies in any given part of the kingdom makes travelers wisely fearful.

The navy is similarly fragmented, and wholly in the hands of Eastern lords loyal to the king; their inability to work together makes them popular targets for pirates, who know they can raid shipping and then escape while the nobles squabble over who should chase the scoundrels down.

Kingdom of Sobrin

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