Remera, Queen of the Waves

Remera was once the most populous province of the Republic of Chara. Possessed of wide, fertile plains, broad forests and many rivers, it remains a popular place for settlers from other nations looking to make a better life for themselves, and is the largest nation – both in population and land area – on either side of the bay. Its navy is more or less acknowledged to be the dominant force on the sea, even by its nearby elven neighbors, and its ground forces have managed to keep their centuries-long conflict with the Kuvaldi a stalemate in spite of the western barbarians ferocity and demonic allies.

Remera was originally ruled by a group of feuding warlords who had forcefully obtained its independence from Chara; it was not long, however, before the people tired of these internal wars, and rose up to depose the warlords and install a Republic. They did not wish to be ruled by the politicians of a distant city, but they were cheerfully willing to acknowledge that those politicians governed their own lands well. It took the Republic only a few short years to fully restore internal order, and unlike its neighbors, Remera has suffered few major setbacks in the years since its establishment.

Remera continues to expand northward, though the climate north of the Republic’s heartland swiftly turns to nearly barren land, and even mining resources seem to be in scarce supply. The nation’s westward expansion is held in check by the Kuvaldi, but unlike the Charans to the south, Remera has actually pushed the Kuvaldi a good distance back from their treaty-defined borders – though they have been unable to push far enough in to discover the great cult temples of the demon-priests, in spite of continuous effort.

Throughout its history, Remera has had varying degrees of trouble with Sobrin. After its army was heavily battered by the Sobrin nobility and their armies shortly after declaring independence, Remera made various attempts to take revenge. The first two, spaced fifty years apart, were disastrous, and for time Sobrin controlled much of southern Remera and received tribute from the rest. Another fifty years went by, however, and Grand General Elira Halowell made a third attempt, backed by new tactics, more and better troops, and an in-depth knowledge of the feuds and hatreds of Sobrin’s upper class. Better prepared than ever and facing a deeply divided enemy, they reclaimed southern Remera and seized a large part of the Sobrin woodlands, which they still hold today. Sobrin’s attempts to reclaim the lands have come to nothing, and the Senate eyes Sobrin’s weakness in the modern day, hoping to finish their conquest at last.

Remera, Queen of the Waves

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