Republic of Remera

The Republic of Remera is on of the four sovereign states on the western side of the Sundered Bay. It is the largest state on either side, and fields the largest naval and land forces. It’s primary sources of wealth are trade in dyes, spices and sugar, all of which grow well in the warm, humid climate of the Republic’s heartland. It also has a network of massive silver mines, and the abundance of Remeran coinage has made the Remeran silver Harrow the standard coin for the whole western bay region.

The Republic of Remera is ruled by a senate of 200 men and women elected by the citizens. Citizenship, it should be noted, is limited to adult landowners who at least own a permanent residence in the city of Remera, even if they do not live there regularly. As such, a sizable majority of the senators are members of powerful merchant families, wealthy individuals or the heads of trade guilds. Currently, the majority faction is controlled by the Miner’s Guild and it’s associated families, the Leoren and Malwick families (More on guilds and families below).

The Senate meets once a year for a month, and is up for re-election every two years. Usually this time is used to reformulate trade laws, adjust taxes on the lower classes based on gathered data for the year’s economic activities, and engage in political backstabbing and maneuvering for power.

The military is nominally commanded by the Senate, but in practice command lies with the Grand General elected by the Senate (Currently a general Simon Malwick), usually an experienced commander with a reputation for success against the barbarians to the West. The navy is administered by the Shipbuilder’s and Merchant Sailor’s guilds, though the military does maintain squadrons of pirate hunter warships that are often converted to military use at need.

Trade Guilds and the associated Wealthy Bastards/Families:

The Miner’s Guild: Ostensibly a guild for all miners, the amount of non-silver metals mined in the Republic is very limited, so the guild is commonly understood to be the voice of the silver industry in Remera. The Leoren family is the guild’s primary backer- most banks, mints, merchant exchanges and investment groups (as well as a large number of loan sharks)belong to or have ties to the Leoren family. The Malwicks, on the other hand, are the family responsible for running, expanding, improving and discovering the silver mines themselves, as well as having a long history of military service to the Republic. The guild’s current leader is Oscon Abret, while the Leoren and Malwick families are headed by Chalt Leoren and Serima Malwick, respectively.

The Spice Guilds:
Technically each individual spice exported by the Republic has its own guild, but as they have more or less the same needs and goals the forty-something individual spice guilds function as one, with perhaps slightly more infighting than other guilds. The spice guilds’ money comes through a combination of trade and their domination of the market for mercenaries and bodyguards, a leftover from a time when wars between different spice plantation owners were common and hired swords were their only recourse. There are, naturally, many families associated with the many guilds comprised by the Spice Guilds, but the most important of them are the Irrimil family (Cloves), the Harrow family (Cinnamon and pepper) for whom the nation’s coinage is named, and the Orgoll family (Rosemary, Basil, Thyme and many other common spice ingredients). The guild is presently controlled by Tarrick Irrimil, who also heads the Irrimil family, while Umoran Harrow and Theodora Orgoll run their respective families.

The Weaver’s Guild:
The Weaver’s guild controls clothing, fashion and a large portion of the market for any kind of woven furnishings from rugs to tapestries by virtue of being the owners of the dye plantations and factories. As this is their only industry they are somewhat more vulnerable than their rivals in the Spice or Miner’s Guilds, however it has been some time since they have suffered any real setbacks. They are backed by the Furium family, headed by Corinne Furium, and the guild is run by Helevar Bruin.

The Farmer’s Guild:
The well-organized and supremely important Farmer’s Guild is actually relatively poor, but has maintained a presence in the Senate by virtue of the fact that they are responsible for the Republic’s food supply. They are backed by no families of long standing or tremendous wealth, but represent the majority of the landowning families of the rural Republic. The guild is headed by Norrim Delbert, the retired Grand General.

The Shipwright’s Guild:
A guild of clear importance to a nation that possesses as many merchants and traders as Remera, the Shipwright’s Guild is made of various small shipwrights and their workshops, and the massive shipyard known as the Arsenal of Remera, which at peak capacity can manage simultaneous construction of three dozen full sized warships. The guild is the military’s economic arm, for army and navy both. As such, it is always headed by the active Grand General, though the actual management is usually delegated out to other high-ranking officers. The Sabor and Kollos families are tied to the Arsenal, and the Sibarit family owns a number of the smaller workshops. The families are led by Malavai Sabor, Ysolde Kollos and Branwen Sibarit.

The Merchant Sailor’s Guild:
The Merchant Sailor’s Guild, like the Farmer’s guild, is a guild with limited backing from great families and relatively little wealth, but tremendous importance due to popular support – in this case from the sailors who make up a large part of the urban population. The guild regulates working conditions and keeps an eye on various captains with unsavory reputations, as well as organizing dockside labor and contracting out its sailors in large numbers when the navy has war-time needs for galley oarsmen. The guild is headed by Kivvos Farad, who has recently acquired wealth and social status enough to join the established senatorial families, and has begun pushing hard for both the agenda of his own guild and that of the farmer’s. He is understandably very popular with the lower class population.

Republic of Remera

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