Sobrin, the Dying Kingdom

Once a mighty nation, Sobrin is at the tail end of a long decline. While it still possesses a powerful military and many natural resources, its government has been irretrievably fragmented by centuries of blood feuds, proxy wars, in-breeding and weak kings – the last two being, of course, related.

The clan structure of ancient Sobrin never really died out; the great clans just adapted to being wealthy landowners with private armies rather than the direct rulers of sovereign mini-states. Sadly, the level of independence this allowed them meant that it was inevitable that feuds would continue and undermine the political structure, and after centuries of trying to keep those feuds in check, the royal family has belatedly realized that they have done so by turning all the hatred involved towards themselves.

The Eastern lords, much more heavily influenced by Remera and Chara due to their coastal location, remain loyal to their king, but are just as fragmented among themselves, rendering them completely ineffective. The Western lords have all but elected their own king in Baron Halcyr – who is rumored to have Kuvaldi blood, and who many throughout the rest of the kingdom fear plans to turn the nation into a bastion of demon-worship. There are lords who stand out along the Charan and Remeran borders, but none with a meaningful support base out side their own clans; Halcyr, were he not so feared, would likely be seen as the kingdom’s only hope of surviving its neighbors’ ambitions.

Perhaps even more worrying, the land itself seems to be growing weaker. The forests are not thriving as they did before, crops are more likely to die, and even fully harvested crops produce less than in years past. Precisely why the land is weakening is unknown. Some believe the health of the land is tied to the King; some believe Halcyr is poisoning the land with demon-sorcery. Still others believe Demeter is abandoning them for their waning faith.

Sobrin, the Dying Kingdom

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