The Fall of the Veshadiin

The history of the human nations begins where the history of the Veshadiin Empire ends; and scholarship and legend both place the Fall of the Veshadiin at the same time that other mythological creatures began to slowly dwindle and disappear.

The Veshadiin were a short, sturdy people, great craftsmen and a people of enormous faith. When humans first emerged into the world, legends tells, only the Veshadiin welcomed them, when other creatures tried to destroy them or looked at them as food. The earliest human advancements were guided by the Veshadiin, and their technology remains an inspiration to the modern day.

The earliest human records refer to the Fall as the ‘Great Exodus’. The seemingly endless armies of the Veshadiin gathered, followed by the citizenry with all the goods and supplies their entire empire could bring, and they marched north. Common theories assumed that the Veshadiin were leaving to start another city, going north to defeat some mighty evil, or simply avoiding further conflict with the elves- this last theory was discounted, as the elves began their millenia-long civil war a few years before the Exodus. All these theories assumed the Veshadiin would return to reclaim their lands.

Two centuries later, there was no sign or word of the Veshadiin. Tentative explorations of their cities became full-blown expeditions when it was reported that the gates of the mighty stone walls were wide open and not a soul remained inside. In a few short months humanity gained technology that would take centuries to fully understand but which would catapult the budding nations nearest to the Veshadiin territories to tremendous power. They might well have gained even more, but after those few months a terrible sign drove them from the ruins.

An enormous storm appeared, centered above the ancient mountain of Kis-haarn, where the Veshadiin had made their capital. The storm lasted for nearly a decade, and spread out to cover the entirety of the lands that had been abandoned, making travel between the two sides of the bay impossible. When the storm finally cleared, returning expeditions were met – and slaughtered – by bands of elves roaming the area, intent on keeping the power of the Veshadiin out of human hands. What few survivors made it out reported that, in spite of the enormous damage the storm should have caused, the lands seemed utterly unaffected by it. It was at this point that human chroniclers concluded that the Veshadiin were truly gone, and would not return; and from this point on their mass march to the north has been called the Fall of the Veshadiin.

The Fall of the Veshadiin

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