The Gold Tower

While the Gold Tower may not be made of actual gold, the yellow marble it was built of looks the part, and is almost unique to Gold Tower lands, meaning the tower is actually probably worth more than its weight in gold. Fabulously wealthy for a variety of reasons, the Gold Tower is the only direct feudal system in the Towerlands.

The Gold Tower does not have any particular signature; rather, they simply have nothing they are particularly bad at, and a great deal of money to boot. Their successful conquest of the Red Tower is the only such conquest in the history of the Elven civil war, and the alliance with the Blue Tower made them strong enough that the remaining three quickly banded together, in spite of their ill relations with each other. The Gold Tower boasts vast plantations and farm fields, a large and well-trained army and navy, and a great many talented wizards and clerics; Amalia’s choice to let individuals specialize instead of the nation as a whole may well be the best decision made in the Tower Wars.

Notable Locations:

The Lifewall:

The Lifewall is the wall – in some places an actual structure of stone, in others a matter of watch-towers and garrisons- that marks the border between the heartlands of the Gold and Bone Towers, and received its name as part of the Gold Tower’s efforts to ensure the populace that the massive casualties taken to construct and maintain the border guard were worth it. By focusing on the primary composition of the Bone Tower’s army – hordes and hordes of lifeless monsters – the Gold Tower managed to paint the Lifewall as a necessity unrelated to politics, which has resulted in a great many talented and enthusiastic volunteers joining the wall’s defensive forces.

The Shards of the Sun:
A series of enormous, broken brass plates that show signs of having once been a single, massive sphere, the Shards of the Sun are believed by Gold elves to be what is left of the ‘egg’ from which the Sun hatched. The site is sacred to the Gold elves, and is also the key to their survival. In spite of centuries of storms, small ice ages and other frosty disasters concocted by the Bone Tower, the Shards have kept Gold Tower lands pleasantly tropical throughout. The shards are pleasantly warm to the touch and emanate a comfortable heat, unless undead are near: in the presence of necromancy the shards go cold, and any undead within a dozen miles of the site began to burn without warning.

Attempts to study the magic of the Shards have led the elves to conclude it cannot be replicated; it does not flow like other magic, or if it does, it does not flow in a way they understand. Nor does it have the feel of any magic they have encountered. Elves outside the Gold Tower are inclined to wonder exactly how they know which parts of the world to heat; after all, they show no signs of sentience. While the Gold Elves insist the Sun watches over its faithful worshipers, other elves note that it warms the areas where they actually live, rather than the borders marked on their maps, and the Blue Tower has even gone so far as to invite merchant enclaves to settle on its colder islands in an experiment to test the Shards’ reach. So far, it has not produced results – and the Blue Tower is left with a frustrating number of possible reasons why.

The Gold Tower

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