The Republic of Chara

The Republic of Chara was the first human civilization to emerge from the chaos following the Fall, and many of the other nations in the area began as Charan outposts. While it has no tremendous abundance of natural resources other than food, they are mostly self-sufficient, and they remain the cultural power of the entire bay, drawing in traders on behalf of wealthy buyers in other nations who wish to appear refined and stately, and even bringing in a small but consistent population of Elven trade ships that exchange gold for artwork, resulting in Chara being the only nation that mints gold coinage in any real amount. The Charans are not the military power they were when they first rose, but they are still a powerful enemy, and Chara is the only place on the continent where assassins are common, which tends to make both generals and politicians hesitant to cause trouble in the First Republic.

Like Remera, Chara is a republic. Unlike Remera, Chara’s senate is both large and not overly concerned with property. The senate numbers one thousand members, elected by the citizens- In Chara, everyone over the age of 25 is a full citizen. With so many members the effects of powerful orators and wealthy backers is diminished, and so most progress is accomplished by coalitions of senators with similar goals- or simply a need for another voice to support their own.

The Senate meets four times a year, on the solstices and equinoxes, which are also ritually significant days in which little work is done in most of the Republic, the days being set aside instead for prayer and meditation.

The Charan military is a professional standing army, notable for being the only military with a selective service; Chara is the only place where physical excellence is a requirement for combat service. Their armor and weapons are somewhat older in style but well-made, and Chara has adapted to gunpowder and muskets faster than its neighbors, resulting in dangerous battalions of muskeeteers and cannon brigades being a common sight in Charan forts. The military is commanded by numerous generals, directed by the senate but free to choose their own methods of carrying out those directions.

The Charan navy is quite large. Though nothing close to a match for the Remeran navy in number or quality of ships, the Charan’s greater supply of mages and priests usually makes battles in the water an even match between the two.

The Republic of Chara

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