The Veshadiin

Given that they disappeared just as humanity was beginning to civilize, there is not very much known of the Veshadiin. What does remain is the impression of an extremely religious, organized people with a very unusual relationship to the spiders of the world.

The Veshadiin worshiped the Veshad; there is some confusion over precisely what the Veshad were, but they are often described as ‘shadows’ or ‘spirits’, and they were believed to speak through the Emperor. ‘Speak’ is also a term whose meaning is not clear in this case, although descriptions of the Emperor’s powers indicate that it wasn’t just a matter of words. If the stories the ancient scholars were told are true, the Emperors raised the Eastern and Western walls, not Veshadiin construction crews.

Clues to their organization are mostly found in ancient records of their armies: divided between East and West, they had an extremely regimented structure, and fought in well-drilled formations. Additionally, the Veshadiin had logistics lines planned out for any conceivable war they might fight, and kept food and supply storages for hundreds of miles outside of their territories. Discoveries of these caches have often fueled the rise of new nobility in the Western bay, where money counts more than blood.

The Veshadiin spiders are actually better-documented than the Veshadiin themselves. They ranged from spiders that many would consider ‘normal’ size – the largest of them the size of a fist – to the massive war-spiders of the Western armies, huge creatures the size of elephants who served as earth-shaking cavalry and wall-breakers, as well as replacements for construction cranes. Even many of the smaller spiders were unusual, and never found away from the Veshadiin; small swarms of thumb-nail sized spiders nested in clinics, and wrapped wounds in sturdy, breathable bandages by running round the wound in teams, trailing silk as they went. Other spiders could be found in the Veshadiin forges, where they provided various types of assistance, from fire-watching duty to decorative etching.

Other types of spiders are mentioned in texts: large harbor spiders, who assisted with ship-building, dredging, and even sea transport when they felt like making long trips; dog-sized ‘Minder’ spiders that functioned as a combination of house pet and baby-sitter for Veshadiin children; hunter spiders, who assisted the Veshadiin in hunting – though whether for sport or for actual food remains a debate among human scholars, especially upper-class ones; and the strange, metallic treasure spiders, whose job it was to ruin the day of pick-pockets and bank-robbers alike. These last are attested mostly due to numerous humans giving in to poor judgement during visits by the wealthy Veshadiin.

But perhaps the strangest of the spiders are the ones that were never seen; the rumored ‘Overlord Spiders’, secret masters of the Veshadiin empire. They were said to make even the huge war-spiders seem tiny, to shake the earth as they turned their heads, and to be mighty, sorcerous creatures who had bred the strange spider-assistants of the Veshadiin in their dark homes.

The Veshadiin

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