The Blue Tower

The Blue Tower, a tall, slender structure of magically reinforced lazurite that reaches towards the clouds, was built to command a view of the surrounding waters and provide a signal tower to the great fleets of the Blue Tower lands as they make their way home into the heavily fortified coves and bays of the most commercial of the six Towers. The Blue Tower is an unashamed plutocracy, ruled by the filthy rich, and the richest of them all is its Lord, Illerneth, whose understanding of both economics and shipbuilding has made his Tower a strong contender for the most influential, if not the mightiest.

The Blue Tower is known for its navy, for its merchants, for its excellent trade-post forts – and, when all is said and done, for more than a touch of madness, especially among its mages and priests. It is said that something deep beneath the waves chants in the dreams of the Blue Elves, and drives them to actions beyond sane comprehension.

Notable Locations:

The Broken Bowl:
A large lake in the middle of a series of hills, the Broken Bowl is uniquely suited to large-scale divination magic. The normally placid waters react strongly to magic, and a skilled wizard can direct the currents of the lake in a way that mirrors the currents of the ocean; the lake will respond by shifting rocks and branches about, representing islands and even ships in the area the caster wishes to view. What few other than the highest-ranking Blue elves know is that the lake is also a mirror; what it builds is mapped out, along with a much larger area around it, two thousand miles up from the lake. The lord of the Blue Tower uses this to great effect in his strategizing.

The Blue Tower

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